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THOMPSON Family Room Next Event:

Sunday 23rd June
2pm (New York), 7pm (Ire)


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Family spelling variants includes Tomson, Thomson, Tompson

THOMPSON Family History

Family spelling variants include Tompson, Thomson, Tomson.


There are approximately 977,410 Thompson family members around the world. In general you can double this figure to include those related to the Thompson names to allow for those connected to the name through maiden name connections.


It is estimated that the largest group of Thompson family members live USA with 707,385 (72.4%) members, England with 100,678 (10.3%), Canada with 37,137 (5.8%), Australia with 50,055 (5.1%), South Africa with 34,373 (3.5%), Ireland with 9,543 (1%), New Zealand with 7,337 (0.8%), Scotland with 6,996 (0.7%) and Wales with 3,906 (0.4%) members.


An English patronymic from Thomas. Thompson is widely distributed throughout Britain, but is most common in northern England and Northern Ireland. Americanised form of Thomsen.


An English relationship name from the Middle English personal name T(h)om(me) + -son ‘son of Tom ’.


Originally, of course, the name Thomas is biblical, derived from Aramaic, and possibly meaning 'twin'.


Early bearers of the surname include: John Thompson, 1349 in Whitby Chartulary (NR Yorks); John Thomesson ‘Scot’, 1375 in London Pleas; Ralph Thommyssone, 1381 in Subsidy Rolls (Suffolk); John Tommesson, 1382 in Assize Rolls (Cambs); William Tomsone, 1395 in The East Anglian (Cambs).


James Thompson, an English convict born in Kent, was sentenced to life and transported aboard the "Moffatt" ship on 5 May 1836, arriving in New South Wales, Australia.


In 1891, there were 93,750 occurrences in England and Wales and a further 3,794 in Scotland.


In 1881, the surname was widespread especially in North England. Further South, the county of Kent was a top county with 1,947 occurrences.


In 1881, the most common Thompson occupation in the UK was Farmer. Farmer, Coal Miner and Labourer were the top 3 reported jobs worked by Thompson. A less common occupation was Agricultural Labourer.


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1881 Census in Kent

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    Kaitlyn Thompson

    My grandmother and I have traced our ancestry all the way back to Ireland. It's been 6 generations, since my ancestors Ward Thompson and Gertrude Martin were in Tyrone Ireland. I don't know the exact story of how or why my family ended up here in the United states. That's all we've been able to dig up from the family roots. 
    Hire an expert Reply


    Hello, i am from Kentucky. I have been trying to find out my Thompson family ancestry for years, i have asked my grandparents and they swear there from ireland. alot of my familys mittle names or first names are William. i am not compleatly sure about any of my history but i want to go insane if i cant find SOMTHING
    Hire an expert Reply

    Sacha Presseau

    I am a Thompson, now Presseau, descended from John Thompson and Jane Reynolds...just curious who I may find out there!
    Hire an expert Reply

    Sandra Chapman

    I am trying to find out about my Great Grandmother Esther Thompson, she married a Thomas J Knox and they in and or around Enniskillen Count Fermanagh Northern Ireland, they had a daughter Elizabeth Jane Knox was born in Co Fermanagh or there abouts, who is my grandmother, she married an Acheson Spink and they lived in Dublin, My mother Eileen was born in Dublin. I would love to know about my Thompson side
    Hire an expert Reply

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