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PATTON Family Room Next Event:

Sunday 21st April
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Family spelling variants includes Paton

PATTON Family History


This famous and popular surname is Anglo-Scottish. Recorded as Paton, Patton, Patten, Padon, Paddon, and the true patronymic of Patonson, It has two known origins. Firstly it may be a short or fused form of the ancient personal name Patrick, as in Pat + the diminutive suffix '-in' meaning 'Little Pat' or perhaps 'son of Pat', or secondly it may have been a nickname for the son of a man with a cropped hair or was bald. This is from the Middle English word "pate" meaning head or skull. The early charters of Scotland mention Thomas Pattoun of Aberdeen in 1538, and Thomas Patton of Dundee who was killed at the battle of Pinkie in 1547...

Patton (Variants: Paton, Patten, Patent)

Arising from the same original source as Patterson, this surname is derived from the name of an ancestor 'the son of Patrick. From the Latin word ‘patriots’, meaning ‘nobleman’. The word ‘patrician’, also the same source, and personal name Patricia is the feminine form.

Another origin, from Old English pæð ‘path, track’ or an Old English personal name *Patta + Old English t?n.

Early bearers of the surname include: Roland de Patton, 1289 in Patent Rolls (Rugley, Northumb); John de Patton’, 1297 in Subsidy Rolls (Yorks); John de Patton, 1352 in Patent Rolls (Northumb); Willelmus Patinton’, 1381 in Poll Tax (West Ham, Essex); John Patton, 1513 in York Registry Wills (Filey, ER Yorks); Willm. Patton, 1543 in IGI (Farnworth near Prescot, Lancs); Williy Patton, 1561 in IGI (Fritton, Norfolk); Mable Patton, 1577 in IGI (Hanbury, Staffs); Margaret Patton, 1664 in IGI (Merriott, Somerset).

In 1881, the surname was prevalent in central Scotland, especially Perthshire. Also North East England, including Lancashire. In the county of Gloucestershire, it was a top surname in the district of Bristol.

In the same census year, the most common Patton occupations in the UK were Coal Miner and Labourer.

In 1891, the surname was recorded in England and Wales with 1,218 occurrences and a fewer 259 in Scotland.

William Hampton Patton (1853 – 1918) was an American entomologist who specialised in the Hymenoptera order of insects including bees, ants, wasps and sawflies.

Raymond Stanton Patton (1882 – 1937), was the second Director of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey. This federal agency defines and manages a national coordinate system that provides the foundation for transportation and communication, mapping and charting and applications for science and engineering.

Another noted, James Lloyd Patton (b. 1941), an American evolutionary biologist and mammalogist and one of the most experienced in this field today.

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1881 Census in Gloucestershire

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1857 Arthur, William An Etymological Dictionary of Family and Christian Names. New York: Sheldon, Blakeman. Public Domain


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    My middle name is Patton and last name is O'Malley. I knew my O'Malley name and many other lines on my father's side trace back to County Mayo and the Westport area in particular. But I was surprised to see evidence in my family tree that on my mother's side I'm descended from a Robert Patton, born in Westport in 1755 and who emigrated to British America in 1762. I don't know much about his parents, but there is another family tree that indicates that his father, William, was born in Westport as well. Their descendants were Protestants, Congregationalists to be specific. I'm trying to find out more about the Patton's in Westport in the 18th Century.
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    David Walton

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    John Patton 1917 Reported occupation Packer residence 7. Shears Street, Cork Ireland
    Hire an expert Reply

    David Walton

    John Patton married Mary Jane Varian they had Mary Agnes (1917 Cork), John (1919 Cork) Jean (1921 Kildare), Robert (1924 (c Kildare) Doreen (c Bangor Down (1925), Kathleen (Bangor 1926), Charlotte (Bangor 1928) wife Mary Jane death reported Bangor Down 1928/1929)
    Hire an expert Reply

    Kevin Patton Jaszemski

    My Great Grandfather’s name was Cadwallader Patton. He was born either in the late 1830’s or early 1840’s. He was a member of the 9th Pennsylvania Reserves during the American Civil War. He passed away in 1930. As best I can tell, his father was John Patton. Family tradition has our family leaving Ireland from Cork.
    Hire an expert Reply

    Paul Wright

    Looking for Bernard Patton, born Stranorlar, Donegal in 1829 to a Daniel Patton. Daniel was a mason or bricklayer by trade. Bernard left Ireland in 1849 for the US/Canada.
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    General George Smith Patton birth year around 1885 date of death around year1945
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    Tammatha Patton Porter

    My father William Frank Patton jr was born and raised in St Louis Missouri. His mother Tillie Zarth and father William Frank Patton . He had two sisters and 6 brother. My dad and four other were placed in an orphanage he was 2 years old . He got out and joint the navel in wwIi as did the other boys. As fare as I know there are no famous Patton but my father died when I was 10 and I lost the Patton’s until 5 yrs ago I have one uncle alive Micheal Patrick Patton he was the baby of the family. Had my dna done which showed I am a large % of Ireland, Scottish and Wales
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    Drew Patton

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