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MCCARTHY Family History

Mac Cárthaigh- anglicised MacCarthy, McCarthy, MacCarty, MacArthie, Carthy et al. Woulfe gives the root as Cártach, Old Celtic 'Caratacos', meaning 'loving' ('Sloinnte Gaedheal is Gall', 1923). That must remain conjectural; one thing not in doubt is the antiquity of this name.

Generally, MacCarthy has retained its prefix 'mac', although Carthy is still plentiful, either as such or in its abbreviated form 'mc'. Of course, the old red herring that Mac is Scottish and Mc is Irish (or was it the other way round?) should by now be dead and buried.

It is in the top 12 names in Ireland, and looks set to stay there; the majority of them in Co Cork. Their stamping ground was always south Munster, where as descendants of Olioll Olum, king of Munster in the 3rd century(!), they came to rule the Eoghanacht, named after Eoghan, son of Olioll, and their ancestor also. This was before they took their surname, which originated in Cartach, the Lord of the Eoghanacht, who died in 1045, in the deliberate burning of his castle by the O'Lonergans, according to 'The Annals of the Four Masters'.

In fact, there are frequent references to them throughout the 'Annals', so important a role did they take, particularly after the high king of Ireland's 'sponsorship' of the MacCarthys in the mid twelfth century. Certainly, Ruaidrí Ó Conchobair wanted to help the MacCarthys, the leading family of the Eoghanacht, to establish the kingdom of Desmond, and thus drive a wedge through the Munster territory of the Ó Briain kings of Thomond.

One finds the name as a 'Principal Irish Name' in the Cromwellian 'Census' of 1659, carried out by William Petty's officials:

Co Cork
Cork City, 17 families of McCarthey; Ibawne and Barrymore, 19 McCarthy; Killbrittaine, 23 Carthy; Carbery East, 26 O Carthy, Carthy Oge and Carthy (this is not the disparate surname Ó Carthaigh of Connacht); Carbery West, 24 McCarthy; Barrymore, 11 Carthy.

Co Limerick
Connologh Barony, Carty/McCarty 18.

Co Waterford
Barony Cosmore & Cosbride, Carty/McCarty 7.

There are no instances of the name in the Census returns for Cos Tipperary and Kerry.

By the mid nineteenth century and Griffith's 'Valuation' of households, the most common variant of the name seems to have been McCarthy, and the ensuing counties had the most: Cork 2094 + City 204, Kerry 715, Limerick 280 + City 30, Waterford 129.

The Registrar's figures for births in 1890 reveal that most occurred in Munster, 438, with the next highest number in Leinster with a mere 35! The counties with highest numbers were Cork (with more than half the total Irish figure, which was 481), Kerry and Limerick.

A mere glance at the historical background indicates Co Cork as MacCarthy Heartland. The three great divisions of Clan Carthy were MacCarthy More [big, great], actually based in Kerry, MacCarthy Reagh ['swarthy'] and MacCarthy of Muskerry.

Two favourite historical MacCarthy figures of mine are [abundant choice!]:

Finin MacCarthaig, king of Desmond, 13th century resistance fighter; he curbed the Norman expansion in Munster.

Donough MacCarthy [1594-1665] Viscount Muskerry; he was a shrewd and intelligent operator in the upheavals of the mid 17th century. After the Confederacy of 1641, he was a builder between religious and ethnic sectarian interests, in facing the main threat: Cromwellian tyranny. In this he wasn't aided by the extreme catholic faction, headed by Rinuccini, the papal legate. The Muscrys [sic] held Blarney Castle.

Among their many foundations, the MacCarthys built the holy Rock of Cashel.

The Cormac Mor who lived in Blarney castle temp Elizabeth 1st, and was known as the 'Baron of Blarney', attended the Parliament in London in 1578. He also became a Protestant. A tale has it that his consistently evasive letters, in response to Queen Elizabeth?s demands roused her to call his protestations ?blarney?. So started the legend that kissing the Blarney Stone would convey eloquence.
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    Megan McCarthy

    My father, Joseph McCarthy told me that his grandfather - also Joseph McCarthy was born in Lucan County, Ontario in 1854. His father Joe came over from the potato famine/genocide, but back in Ireland the genealogy trail runs dry. The McCarthys of Ontario were involved in the famous Donnelly massacre, and moved very shortly after to Chicago, where my grandfather was born. No-one was ever accused of the crime - everybody hated the Donnellys apparently.


    I am a Mccarthy and live in Sheffield. My family are all from Ireland and there's still lots over there I have never met. Not sure where they are all from but I think it's county kerry, listowel, and Dublin.. My great grandfather was a man called sonny canavan. He made drums.


    Yes sonny canavan was famous for making bodhran drums and was the best at doing so, in which people from all around the world would travel to Ireland just to get their hands on one. He was also a very very well respected man, he had one glass eye from being shot in the face and would often take it out in the pub to give the locals a fright.


    My great grandfather was Johnny the baker from Manchester conn

    Beverley Johnston

    I have Mary McCarthy born c 1853 in Cork. Immigrated to Queensland, Australia in 1877 with sister, Nora. Mary's marriage certificate states that her parents were Timothy McCarthy and Kate Leary. Can anyone help with information on where they came from and if there were any more siblings.

    Joanne Heuss

    My family came from Cork. My 5th GreatGrandfather was Timothy McCarthy 1801-1876. His father was Eoghan (Owen) McCarthy 1756-1847 and was married to Hanora Dennehey or Dehahy. These family members were from Claragh, Millstreet, Co. Cork. My family members have been traced to Donal Caomh Reagh MacCarthy Direct ancestor (20 generations) 1240 - 1320 and further back than that.

    Angela Wyatt

    I have just recently started searching for my family in Ireland. My 5th great grandparents were Owen and Hanonah Dennehy McCarthy could you be any help in where to look


    Don’t know


    I’m not sure of anyone


    Hi all, Am researching my McCarthy Ancestors on my paternal Grandmothers Mothers side. Who came to India in the mid 1800’s. I do not have their birth or marriage records, still trying to find the same through the British Library which has India records and also on find my past etc. I have records of his children being born - all in India and also his death in India in 1908. He was working as a Chief Guard in the South Indian Railways. It could be him who came to India or his Father before him. The name was Thomas Dever McCarthy. Married Anne Elizabeth Patterson in India. Many many thanks. Regards. Savio Castell.

    Anthony Barrett

    (Part 1 of 3) The McCarthy name has a long history in Ireland, but now DNA and some recorded history says the Kerry region of McCarthy’s has a separate origin from the McCarthy’s of Cork. The Kerry McCarthy story [dominated by DNA tribal marker R1b-L513, Subgroup O2] can trace their beginnings to what is now County Kerry from 50 BCE. Perhaps the journey begins with the Clanna Dedad; Deda, son of Sen or Deda Mac Sin. The McCarthy surname origin is possibly a branch of what will become the Dáirine [R1b-L513] who are found in south Ireland around 300 CE.

    Anthony Barrett

    (Part 2 of 3) According to research, the Dáirine will join with the Dál Riata of north-east Ireland and invade Scotland around 500 CE. But how could this be? Recent discoveries from DNA testing are unlocking the migration patterns of Celtic tribes as late as 800 CE to 1200 CE. The McCarthy story begins in pre-history Ireland but many of his descendants will then move to Kintyre, Scotland where they and other R1b-L513 members will form the Dalriada. This line and many of his kin will then travel to Brittany, France during the Dark Ages.

    Anthony Barrett

    (Part 3 of 3) Discover their newly found untold story and how forgotten texts bring their story back to life. From the ebook, “The Tribe Within” learn how DNA unfolds this amazing tale and if you look in the right places, how history narrates this evidence. There is another written account of their story, but it is camouflaged in smoke and myth – it will become the tales of King Arthur. Come follow in the footsteps of Deda Mac Sin and visit

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