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FLYNN Family Room Next Event:

Sunday 21st July
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FLYNN Family History

Ó Floinn- anglicised Flynn, Flinn, O'Flynn, from 'flann'- ruddy.

Ó Fhloinn ( in modern times as Ó Loinn)- anglicised as Lynn.

Several independent septs of the name existed acroos Ireland:

Co Roscommon
Ó Floinn (Ballintobber Barony, west Roscommon) a sept said to be descended from the legendary Maelruanaidh, grandson of Eochaid Mugmedón, 'lord of slaves', an early Irish king They were a branch of Uí Briuin, and chiefs thereof. Another family were erenaghs of Eas Uí Fhloinn, in the north west of the county in the Barony of Boyle.

Co Mayo
A sept of the name were hereditary erenaghs of the churh and monastery of St Tighearnan on the shores of Lough Conn in the Barony of Tirawly. Interestingly, there was a Tigernán uí Flaind (of the O Flynns) of Dál Cais, down in Munster in the 10th century

Co Cork
A branch of the Corca Laoighdhe, a tribal grouping said to be decsended from 3rd century warrior, Lugaid mac Con. These were in the extreme south of Co Cork, Ibaune Barony. They had a castle, near to Baltimore.

Also in Co Cork were the O Flynns of Muskerry, in the barony of that name. The name Muskerrylinn is an anglicisation of the Irish Muscraidhe Uí Fhloinn.

Co Antrim
A sept located in the barony of Toome, originally O Flynn, now mostly anglicised as Lynn, and re-Gaelicised as Ó Loinn ? the initial 'f' was aspirated. This is one of those interesting families, whose former fame time seems to have eclipsed. Their power was in the Middle Ages; and they are often mentioned in the Annals (it is a similar case with Ó Ciardha [Carey] Ó Cananáin [Cannon] et. al.) They militarily defeated the Anglo-Norman invaders in 1177, but after the middle of the 14th century 'disappear' from history.

By the time of the 1659 'Census' conducted by Sir William Petty, (O) Flynn is found as a 'Principal Irish Name' in the following counties:

Co Roscommon
Ballintobber Barony, Flin (29-all figures are for families); 'Feoghra Flin Esq' is listed as a 'titulado' (proprietor/gentleman) of Ballinlagh, on the same page; Boyle Barony, O Flin (9).

Co Mayo returns are missing.

Co Leitrim
Leitrim Barony & c. O Flyne (10); Drumaheir, O Flyne (15)

Co Cork
City & Liberties, O Flyne & O Flynne (21); Ibawne Barony, O Finn (sic) (10) ? Finn is normally for Ó Finn, mostly of Sligo & Galway origin, but is also found in Munster. Barrymore Barony, O Flyne (15).

Co Waterford
Deaces Barony, Flyne & O Flyne (40) O Fling (31); Cosmore & Cosbride, Fling (13) Flin (12); Upperthird, Flin (30) Floyne (7); Middlethird, Flyne & Flyng (17); Galtire, Fling & Flyne (27).

Co Limerick
Connologh Barony, O Flyne (13).

Co Kerry
Trughanac Barony, O Flyne (9).

Co Antrim
Masareen Barony, Lynsie (10)- John O'Donovan, 19th c. scholar, writes that Ó Fhloinn is sometimes anglicised as Lindsay etc.

By the mid 19th century,and Griffith's 'Primary Valuation' of property in Ireland, most Flynn households were found in counties Cork 472, Waterford 391, Leitrim 262, Roscommon 226, Kerry 183 and Mayo 171. The total number for Flynn was 3212, for O'Flynn 25.

Most Flynn births in 1890 occurred in counties Cork, Dublin, Waterford, Roscommon and Leitrim.

For Lynn, the Griffith's returns in the 1850s show most in Derry (42) Mayo (39) and Antrim (38).

Two famous (O) Flynns:

Críostóir Ó Floinn (born 1927) Limerickman, who has written plays, poetry and essays etc in Irish and English. His plays have been performed at The Abbey and The Gate theatres in Dublin, and the Lyric in Belfast. His edition of the Michael Hogan (The 19th c. Bard of Thomond) poem 'Drunken Thady and the Bishop's Lady' is a collectors must

Errol Leslie Thomson Flynn (1909-1969) born in Tasmania, of Irish, English and Scottish descent. Heart throb and super star of the silver screen in its Hollywood heyday, his antics were the source of much notoriety, and engendered the phrase 'in like flynn'.

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    Desirae Nance

    Hello. John Burton Flynn is my great great grand father. I have found information from my grand father to him but nothing after this. He was married Lacinda Dodds in  Lawdnes, Mississppi  beat 1 in 1884. Lucinda was buried in Alabama in which that is where my grand father is buried as well, His namewas Daniel Bert Flynn. he died in 1992. I hope someone has a hint or infomation for me. 


    Hire an expert Reply

    Jonathan Wood

    I'm looking for information on Rose Flynn (Bannon) born 1831 and moved back and forth to the US 
    Hire an expert Reply


    King Arthur and Lugaid mac Con
    Hire an expert Reply

    J Flynn

    My grandfather James Flynn was brought up in a farm called Flagfield near Geevagh. I think that there was also connections with the Fallons; I believe there was a Fallon who was a cousin of my grandfather.
    Hire an expert Reply

    Tom Couillard

    My grandmother’s family lived and still lives in Geevagh (Crossroad ?) in Sligo … Joan Flynn (Went by Jane in Americ.) My parents and and a cousin visited relatives there several years ago. When my parents arrived they were greeted at the front door with: “Welcome home!” How wonderful!
    Hire an expert Reply


    I am searching for Agnes Winifred Flynn, born 5th October 1912 and baptized 6th November 1912 at St. Brigid's Church, Faughart, Kilcurry, County Louth as were all of her siblings except for Rose Ann Flynn who was born in Glassdrummond. Her mother was Maggie Richardson born 1887 and her father was Richard Flynn born 1887.Agnes had siblings called: Rose Ann Flynn born 1901, Mary Bridget Flynn born 1904 and married Peter McCaffrey in 1924.Christopher Flynn born 1906, Theresa Patricia Flynn born 1910 and may have married a man named McGeough and lived in Seafield Lawns, Dundalk prior to 1970.She had two children called Mary and Joseph. Agnes Winifred Flynn born October 1912 and Richard Paul Flynn born 1915. All lived in the Faughart, Kilcurry,
    Hire an expert Reply

    Thomasmartin Flynn

    Does any body know the Flynn that live In new york .who came from geebagh in county sligo.my grandfather's mother was called Fallon.if this helps.
    Hire an expert Reply

    Sean Flynn

    My name is Sean Flynn My grandfather came from Geevagh in Sligo Live on a Farm called Flagfield. would live to see if anyone has any information on this
    Hire an expert Reply


    Seeking info re my gggrandfather Thomas Flynn born in 1809 at Dublin Ireland, died Jan 02, 1897 in Addington county, Ontario, Canada and my gggrandmother Mary Ann Fulton, born 1815 in Ireland, died Feb 08, 1898 at Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Thank you. AJ.
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