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DEVANEY Family Room Next Event:

Sunday 16th June
2pm (New York), 7pm (Ire)


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Recorded as Devaney, Devenny, and Devennie, this is an Irish surname. It is particularly associated with the province of Connacht, and East Ulster. It derives from the pre 10th century Old Gaelic name O'Duibheannaigh, meaning the descendant of the black bird. The Irish prefix of either "Mac", meaning son of, or O', male descendant of, gave rise at an early date to a group of fixed hereditary surnames of the patronymic type. These surnames originally signified membership of a clan, but with the passage of time came to identify membership of a "sept", or group of people all living in the same locality, all bearing the same surname, but not necessarily descended from a common ancestor.
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    Margaret Lisciandrello

    My relative is Michael Devaney born 1806, Easky, Sligo. He married Mary Scott.Mary's father was Henry Scott.

    Would love to learn more ?about this side of the family

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    My maternal grandmother Anna Devaney. Born late 1800's in either County Sligo or Mayo. She died before I was born in 1941 so I never knew her. She was sent to the United States to marry my grandfather John Williams. I think she was only 16 so not sure how that worked back then. Not sure of the spelling either. My mother had no interest in telling me much. I'm sure you know how that goes.
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    My Maternal Grandmother Anna Devaney. She emigrated from Ireland to Chicago, IL USA and married John Williams when she was 16 I believe. She died before I was born in 1941 so I never had a chance to meet her. Is it possible to trace her? If not could you put me in touch with someone that can? Thanks, John Houll
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    John Devenney Prior to DNA testing, I had assumed that I was 100% pure Irish. I have since found that the surname Devenney is not as straightforward as I had imagined. It does not appear to be one of your "typical" Irish names or the names of the earliest established Irish clans. I think we were probably late arrivals. To get as complete an analysis of my heritage as possible, I added Y-DNA and Mitochondrial DNA to deepen my understanding were somewhat surprising. My Y-DNA Haplogroup is R-FGC20324.which had the following earlier SNP branches: 1) U-106: germanic branch of anglo-saxon culture) then 2) Z-381: apparently was responsible for House of Bourbon which provided most of the French royalty lineage) and then 3) L-48: primarily of scottish origin and referred to as the "scientist" gene, the most notable holder of which was James Watson, discoverer of DNA). So much for being 100% pure Irish. I'm guessing that my ancestors over the millennia were not part of the establishment and kept moving north westward across the russian steppes thru Germany/Netherlands/Denmark, thru Northern France into England and thru up thru Scotland gathering these individual mutations along the way. They finally landed in Ireland and then migrated to the US. The biggest problem so far for me has been getting thru the brick wall occurring at my GG grandfather Patrick Devenney because of all the wars and destruction of a paper trail. The only thing that I can suggest to the above comments is that you should(if you can) go beyond the typical 1st step analysis using Autosomal DNA. Autosomal DNA can only take you so far.
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    Daniel Devanney

    My name is actually spelled Devanney and as far as I've been told my ancestor Frederick Devanney came over from Ireland to the US. I'm interested in learning about where my family came from and hope it answers a few questions about myself.
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    my mother as far as i know came from Galway , Margaret Devaney , left around 1930 ish for London where she met my father .I think she had a sister Mary who settled in Huddersfield . We all went down there in late sixties . i am from Washington N/E England where mam settled , mam died 1975 would like to know of relatives , thanks Dave .
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    Devaney actually comes from Brittany. The " De " or " D' " before the name means 'From' or 'Of' and the rest of the name is a reference to a place in Brittany (Aubany).
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    Stephen Seely

    My Great Grandmother was Anna Marie Devaney-Seely. Mother was McCool. Raised by her uncle Jospeh McCool who was sheriff of Pratt County Kansas.
    Hire an expert Reply


    My 3* Great Grand Father was John James Devanny. Born in 1809. His mother was Mary Devaney born 1787 born in County Clare. Ireland. I would appreciate any help in finding any connections
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