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DAUGHERTY Family Room Next Event:

Sunday 28th April
2pm (New York), 7pm (Ire)


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This is an anglicized form of the Olde Gaelic name O'Dochartaigh, the Gaelic prefix "O" indicates "male descendant (of)", plus the personal name Dochartaigh, from "dochartach" meaning "hurtful" or "obstructive". The leading sept of the O'Dohertys (the usual anglicization of the name) belonged to Co. Donegal where they became Lords of Irishowen in the 14th Century. The earliest recording of the name in Ireland is 1208, the year which David O'Doherty, a chief of Cinel Conaill was killed. There is an earlier recording of the name in the Isle of Man (see below).
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    Stephen F. "Steve" Daugh

    In back tracking from myself..b.1941, through my dad b.1916 and so on. I find the O'Dochartaigh being used by Manasses ..1594-1649.  Started losing the wives with Connor..1340-1413. His father Sean Mor (Sr)..1300-1359 does not list his wife, and none from then on back in time.

    I have a packet from Ireland on the O'Dochartaigh name, slow going picking at the bones to glean information. My line has a lot of the Cherokee connection, have no clue on how to try to get OFFICIAL recognition. I have Moytoy in my line, but in 2018 (I think) The Cherokee nation decalred that bogus, a internet creation.?

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    Purvis Johnson

    I am getting ready to visit Ireland. While looking at our family tree I noticed that a great great grandparent was from Donegal Ireland. He spelled his name Dougherty. My mother spelled her maiden name Daugherty and they lived in McIntosh Alabama. Does anyone have any information I could use.
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    Jan Pitts

    I am the Grandaughter of Everett William Daugherty of Oliver Springs Tenessee. I am the Great Grandaughter of Sabert Richard Daugherty (wife Sarintha Jane Rosser). Saberts' parents are listed as a James and Sally on Sabert's death certificate. Sabert was born Sep 14, 1881 (or 1880 family record had a zero and then drew a 1 over the 0) He died April 30, 1929 when a tree fell on him. I am have trouble going past Sabert in my tree. Lots of James and Sallys. I belive James may have died while Sabert was still a minor. Any information I can find will be helpful. My Ancestry DNA says I should be related to Daniel Daugherty. I am 40% Irish. Also I will be traveling to tour Ireland in late July. Flying in and out from Dublin.
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    I am the daughter of Henry Isaac Daugherty, granddaughter of General Sheridan Daugherty. My great grandparents were Sabert Daugherty and Rachel Marcom..We were located in Morgan and Anderson counties in Tennessee. Im searching for information abour my aunts, Gerie Marie, who died when she was 8 years old and Lena Mae, who died in childbirth at 17 years old. Thanks, and Ill be looking forward to hearing from someone who might know...
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