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BRADY Family Room Next Event:

Sunday 28th July
2pm (New York), 7pm (Ire)


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BRADY Family History

Mac Brádaigh- anglicised Brady, earlier M'Bradie & c. Root, possibly from 'brad' -urging, thus 'bradach' -spirited.

MacLysaght in 'Irish Families' (1985) comments on the mistaken use of 'O' as a prefix.

The Bradys were a strong sept of Breifne, in what is now Co Cavan. Chiefs of Cúil Bhríghde, they feature in the Annals of Ireland, for example in the 'Annals of the Four Masters'. The surname is still strongly represented in that county, and in adjacent areas in Co Meath. In 1890 in Co Cavan, Brady had the third highest number of births registered (85). Woulfe says that they are well represented in Ulster ('Sloinnte Gaedheal is Gall', 1923).

Oddly enough, a family of O'Grady are 'said' to have adopted the surname Brady, temp Henry V111, at which time they became protestants. Bishop Hugh Brady was the first protestant Bishop of Meath; he was said to be really an O'Grady of Clare stock. This was the Co Clare family of Tuamgraney. The famous 'Bishop's Lady', a violent ghost in Michael Hogan's great 19th century Limerick poem 'Drunken Thady and the Bishop's Lady', was married to a Bishop Brady (Hugh's wife?) Hogan refers to the surname issues as 'fictions' in his poem!

In the 1659 'Census' carried out by Sir William Petty, Brady is listed as a 'Principal Irish Name' in the following counties:

Co Cavan returns are missing from the 'Census'.

Co Longford
23 families of Brady in Granard barony.

Co Meath
8 families of Brady in Duleek Barony.

Co Leitrim
6 families of Brady in the barony of the same name.

Co Louth
10 families of Brady in Farrard Barony; 8 Brady families in Atherdee.

Co Fermanagh
3 O Brady families in Clownish & c.

Co Clare
10 families of Bruody in Tulla (which hardly suggests O'Grady to me, but could well be a source of Brady).

Brady families in Griffith's 'Primary Valuation' of property (1847-64) are most frequent in counties Cavan 1019, Meath 201, Longford 177, Dublin 196 (of which 100 in city), and Monaghan 135.

In Matheson's Report (1909) on Birth Registrations taken in 1890, Brady births were most prevalent in counties Cavan, Dublin, Antrim, Meath and Longford. It was the 57th most numerous surname in Ireland in 1890.

Famous Bradys.

Gilbert MacBrady, bishop of Ardagh from 1396 to 1400

Philip MacBrady (fl 1711) A Cavan Brady, scholar and poet, was a protestant clergyman, well known for his satires.

Joe Brady (1857-1883) born in Dublin, one of 20 children, to a paviour of Dublin Corporation. One of the 'Invincibles', a secret nationalist, extremist group. He was knife wielder in the stabbings of British Chief Secretary for Ireland, Lord Frederick Cavendish, and permanent Under Secretary Thomas Henry Burke, as they walked in Phoenix Park, on the 6th May, 1882. Apparently, Cavendish was not an intended victim. Brady was later hanged at Kilmainham.
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    as far as i know my great grandad came from county caven , and he had 6 brothers , one was a priest in wigan and i think his name was barney brady
    Hire an expert Reply

    philip o'brien

    I believe my great grandfather Tom Brady was from Cootehill and was linked to the White Horse and Pig Farming. He moved to Scotland late 1800's. My Grandfather Bernard (Barney) had 8 children, one of which was my mother Elizabeth Brady. Other family members were, Tom, William, Sarah, Nan, Margaret
    Hire an expert Reply


    any help with Henry Brady 1625 Ireland. present day descendant Thomas Anderson Brady 1927. thank you in advance!
    Hire an expert Reply

    Peter Brady

    I am try to find my relations in usa a number of my great uncles emigrated to USA I late 19th = early 20th century from county Carlow Ireland I know my great great grand father Thomas Brady was born in 1836 and his father Peter in 1794.i know my great uncle John,1886 and his brothers emigrated John joined the us army .he was chief of police in Miami 1960-70s
    Hire an expert Reply

    Elizabeth Currie

    I am trying to trace my gg-grandmother Ann Brady. She was married to Bernard McMahon and they had several children including my great grandmother Roseanne who was born around 1855. I have found a birth certificate for her brother Ross who was born in the parish of Drung. The family moved to Leith, Scotland around 1870. I have had no luck on Ancestry so any information would be appreciated. Thanks
    Hire an expert Reply

    Elizabeth Kaiser

    OK, sorry, my grandmother's cousins were the Dalys. My g-grandmother was Sarah Daly, and she married William Brady, and they had my grandmother, Evelyn Teresa Brady. Thank you
    Hire an expert Reply

    Elizabeth Kaiser

    Would like to pick up connection in Ireland for my g-grandparents, who came to New York in the US around 1900.. They were William J. and Sarah Brady. I do not know my g-grandmother's maiden name, but they were married in Ireland before leaving for the US. My grandmother, Evelyn Teresa, was born in New York in 1910. They all appear in the census records, but as yet no records on port of departure, ship name, or town/county of marriage or origin have come to light. Once I asked m grandmother where her family was from and she said Tralee, so it could be they left from there, maybe lived and were married there?
    Hire an expert Reply


    The only thing I know about mine surname is that is Brady, and the spell has been changed a few times in our history. Also that my great grandfather's father was given land from the king of England, land which my Bradys still own and live on today, which is on North Carolina. Could anyone tell me how to find out was Brady family, I originate from?
    Hire an expert Reply


    Can i get some information on this family. My gg grandfather was Patrick Brady from Marsh Road in Drogheda. His eldest daughter was called Rose. Patrick died in 1893 in Drogheda. Rose died in 1919 in Dundalk and is buried in St Mary's Drogheda. My great grandmother was Mary Hanratty nee Brady. She lived in Halifax, England and is buried there.She died 1904. On Mary's wedding certificate there is a Margaret Brady as a witness.Maybe she is a sister? Also i found a wedding certificate online for a Julia Brady from the Marsh Road who had a father named Patrick for 1882. This states Patrick was alive then. Can anybody tell me is Margaret and Julia part of my family? I have no record of Patrick's wife. I have found a newspaper notice online for
    Hire an expert Reply


    Looking for family members in Ireland My family Was John and Catherine Brady from Caven Ireland There son William Brady is My Great Great Grandfather. We are having a reunion this summer July 14th. Please contact me.
    Hire an expert Reply

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