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Abella (Breath)

Abigaëlle (Source of joy)

Abigaïl (Source of joy)

Aceline (Noble)

Adalicia (Of the nobility, Noble)

Adalie (Of the nobility, Noble)

Adela (Good humor)

Adélaïde (Of the nobility, Noble)

Adèle (Good humor)

Adélie (Noble)

Adeline (Good humor)

Adelisa (Of the nobility, Noble)

Adelise (Forerunner of Alice, Of the nobility, Noble)

Adelle (Of the nobility, Noble)

Adelynn (Good humor)

Adilène (Good humor)

Adora (Beloved one)

Adreanna (From Adria the Adriatic sea region, Dark)

Adriane (From Adria the Adriatic sea region, Dark)

Adrianna (From Adria the Adriatic sea region, Dark)

Adrianne (From Adria the Adriatic sea region, Dark)

Adrienne (From Adria the Adriatic sea region, Dark)  

Afrodille (Daffodil)

Agathe (Kind)  

Agnès (Poor, Chaste)  

Aiglentina (Sweetbrier rose)

Aiglentine (Sweetbrier rose)

Aimée (Beloved)  

Albertine (Noble, Bright)

Alète (Winged)

Alexandrie (Defender of mankind)

Alexandrine (Protector of mankind)

Alice (Of nobility, Noble)  

Alisanne (Of nobility, Noble)

Alix (Protector of mankind)

Allison (Of nobility, Noble)

Allyson (Of nobility, Noble)

Alphonsine (Noble, Fast)

Alsatia (From Alsace)

Alyson (Of nobility, Noble)

Alyssandra (Protector of mankind)

Amabel (My fair maid, Lovely)

Amabella (Lovable)

Amabelle (Lovable)

Amarante (Flower name)

Ambre (Jewel)

Amédée (Loves God)

Amélie (Hardworking, Industrious, Eager)  

Amie (Beloved)

Amy (Dearly loved)

Anaïs (Grace)

Ancelina (Handmaiden)

Anceline (Handmaiden)

Andrée (Valiant, Courageous)

Ange (Angel)  

Angelette (Little angel)

Angelina (Angel)

Angéline (Angel)

Angélique (Like an angel)

Anna (Gracious, Merciful)  

Annabelle (Beautiful)

Anne (God's grace)  

Annette (Favor, Grace)  

Antoinette (Priceless, Flourishing, Flower)  

Apollina (Gift from Apollo)

Apolline (Gift from Apollo)

Ariane (Melody)

Arielle (Lion of God)

Arlette (A medieval given name)

Arnaude (Power of an eagle)

Aude (Old, Wealthy)

Audrée (Nobility, Strength)

Aurore (Dawn)

Avelaine (Bird)


Babette (Stranger, Lovely)

Barbara (Savage)  

Bella (Beautiful)

Belle (Beautiful woman)

Benoîte (Blessed)

Bérangère (Courage of a bear)

Bérénice (One who brings victory)

Bernadea (Brave as a bear)

Bernadette (Brave as a bear)  

Bernardina (Brave as a bear)

Bernardine (Brave as a bear)

Bernetta (Brave as a bear)

Bernette (Brave as a bear)

Bernice (One who brings victory)  

Bernita (Brave as a bear)

Bernyce (One who brings victory)

Berthe (Bright)

Bettine (Stranger, Lovely)

Blanche (White, Shining)  

Blanchefleur (White flower)

Blandine (Mild)

Blondell (Fair-haired, Blonde)

Blondelle (Fair-haired, Blonde)

Blondene (Fair-haired, Blonde)

Bonamy (Good friend)

Bretta (Brit. A native of Brittany: (France) or Britain: (England))

Brettany (Brit. A native of Brittany: (France) or Britain: (England))

Brie (The excited one, Exhilarated)

Brigette (Strength, Mythological Celtic Goddess of fire and poetry)

Brigitte (Strength, Mythological Celtic Goddess of fire and poetry)  

Brucie (Forest sprite)

Brunella (Brown haired)


Cadence (Rhythmic)

Calantha (Beautiful flower)

Calanthe (Beautiful flower)

Camila (Free-born, Noble)

Camilla (Free-born, Noble)

Camille (Free-born, Noble)

Cammi (Free-born, Noble)

Candide (Bright, Shining, Clear)

Capucine (Cape)

Caresse (Tender touch)

Carine (Pure)  

Carol (Joy, Song of happiness, Strong)

Carola (Joy, Song of happiness, Strong)

Carole (Joy, Song of happiness, Strong)  

Carolina (Joy, Song of happiness, Strong)

Caroline (Joy, Song of happiness, Strong)  

Cateline (Pure)

Cécile (Blind)  

Cécille (Blind)

Célesse (Heavenly)

Céleste (Heavenly)

Célestia (Heavenly)

Célestiel (Heavenly)

Célestine (Heavenly)

Célestyna (Heavenly)

Célie (Blind)

Céline (Blind)  

Cerise (Cherry, Cherry red)

Chanel (Canal)

Chanell (Canal)

Chanelle (Canal)

Channel (Channel)

Channelle (Canal)

Chantae (Singer)

Chantal (Singer)

Chantalle (Singer)

Chantay (Singer)

Chantel (Singer)

Chantell (Singer)

Chantelle (Singer)

Chardae (Strong, Strong-woman)

Charee (Beloved, Dear, Darling)

Charlaine (Strong, Strong-woman)

Charlayne (Petite, Feminine)

Charleen (Strong, Strong-woman)

Charleena (Strong, Strong-woman)

Charlena (Strong, Strong-woman)

Charlène (Petite, Feminine)  

Charlette (Strong, Strong-woman)

Charlie (Petite, Feminine)

Charline (Strong, Strong-woman)

Charlisa (Strong, Strong-woman)

Charlita (Strong, Strong-woman)

Charlotta (Strong, Strong-woman)

Charlotte (Petite, Feminine)  

Charmaine (Petite, Feminine)

Charmayne (Petite, Feminine)

Charmine (Petite, Feminine)

Chenelle (Canal)

Chere (Beloved, Dear, Darling)

Chereen (Beloved, Dear, Darling)

Cherell (Beloved, Dear, Darling)

Cherelle (Beloved, Dear, Darling)

Cheri (Beloved, Dear, Darling)

Cherie (Beloved, Dear, Darling)

Cherina (Beloved, Dear, Darling)

Cherine (Beloved, Dear, Darling)

Cherise (Beloved, Dear, Darling)

Cherish (Beloved, Dear, Darling)

Cherita (Beloved, Dear, Darling)

Cherree (Beloved, Dear, Darling)

Cherrelle (Beloved, Dear, Darling)

Cherrie (Beloved, Dear, Darling)

Cherry (Beloved, Dear, Darling)

Chiara (Bright, Shining, Clear)

Chloé (Blooming)  

Christelle (Follower of Christ)

Christiane (Annointed, Follower of Christ)

Christine (Annointed, Follower of Christ)  

Claire (Bright, Shining, Clear)  

Clairese (Bright, Shining, Clear)

Clara (Bright, Shining, Clear)  

Clareta (Bright, Shining, Clear)

Claretta (Bright, Shining, Clear)

Clarette (Bright, Shining, Clear)

Clarice (Bright, Shining, Clear)

Clarinda (Bright, Shining, Clear)

Clarissa (Bright, Shining, Clear)

Clarisse (Bright, Shining, Clear)  

Claudette (Lame)

Claudine (Lame)

Clémence (Clemency, Mercy, Roman Goddess of pity)

Clémentina (Clemency, Mercy, Roman Goddess of pity)

Clémentine (Merciful)

clothilde (Heroine)

Clotilde (Heroine)

Coco (Chocolate bean)

Coletta (Victorious)

Colette (Necklace, People's victory)  

Colletta (Victorious)

Collette (Necklace, People's victory)

Colombe (Dove)

Constance (Faithful, Firmness)

Constancia (Constancy, Steadfastness)

Coralie (Coral)

Coretta (Little maiden)

Corette (Little maiden)

Corinne (Maiden)

Cosette (Victorious)

Courtney (From the court)  

Cyprienne (Cypriot)

Cyrille (Lord)


Daisi (Daisy)

Daisie (Day's eye)

Damia (Untamed)

Damiana (Untamed)

Damiane (Untamed)

Danielle (God is my judge)  

Darcelle (Dark)

Delphine (A thirteenth-century French saint)

Denise (Of dionysus)  

Denissa (Of dionysus)

Denisse (Of dionysus)

Dennise (Of dionysus)

Denyse (Of dionysus)

Desi (So long hoped for, Crave, Desire)

Desirae (So long hoped for, Crave, Desire)

Desire (Desired)

Desirée (So long hoped for, Crave, Desire)

Desiri (So long hoped for, Crave, Desire)

Destiné (Certain fortune, Fate, The mythological Greek god of fate)

Destinée (Destiny)  

Destini (Destiny)

Destinie (Certain fortune, Fate, The mythological Greek god of fate)

Destiny (Destiny)

Devana (Divine)

Devanna (Divine)

Devona (Divine)

Devondra (Divine)

Devonna (Divine)

Devonne (Divine)

Deziree (The one desired)

Diahann (Divine)

Diahna (Divine)

Diamanta (Like a diamond)

Diana (Goddess of the Moon)  

Diandra (Divine)

Diane (Divine)  

Dianna (Divine)

Diannah (Divine)

Dianne (Divine)

Dior (Golden)

Dixie (Born tenth)

Domenique (Of the Lord)

Dominique (Of the Lord)

Doreen (Golden)

Dorianne (Of the sea)

Dorine (Golden)

Dorothée (God's gift)

Dory (Blond)

Dyana (Divine)

Dyann (Divine)

Dyanna (Divine)


Edmée (Prosperous guardian)

Eglantina (Wild rose)

Eglantine (Wild rose)

Elaina (Shining light)

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Elaine (Shining light)

Elana (Light)

Elayna (Shining light)

Elayne (Light)

Eléanor (Shining light)  

Eléonore (Shining light)

Eleta (Chosen)

Eliane (Daughter of the sun)

Elicia (Devoted to God)

Elienor (Light)

Elinore (Light)

Elisa (Consecrated to God)  

Elisabeth (Consecrated to God)  

Elisamarie (Devoted to God)

Elise (Consecrated to God)  

Elita (Chosen)

Eliza (Consecrated to God)

Elizabeth (Stranger, Lovely)  

Ella (All)

Ellaine (Shining light)

Ellayne (Shining light)

Elle (Woman, Girl)  

Ellinor (Light)

Eloisa (Famous in war)

Eloise (Intelligent, Smart)

Eloisée (Famous in war)

Elouise (Intelligent, Smart)

Emeline (Hardworking)

Emeraude (Emerald, A bright green gem)

Emilie (Hardworking)  

Emily (Hardworking)

Emmaline (Hardworking)

Emmalyn (Hardworking)

Emmeline (Hardworking)

Emmy (Hardworking)

Esme (Esteemed)

Esmeraude (Emerald, A bright green gem)

Estee (Star)

Estelle (Star)

Eugenia (Noble)

Eugenie (Born lucky, Wellborn)

Eulalie (Well - spoken)

Evelyn (Life)

Evonna (Archer)

Evony (Archer)

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Fabienne (Bean grower)

Fabrienne (Little blacksmith)

Fae (Faithful)

Fanchon (Free)

Fanchone (Free)

Fanetta (Laurel crown, The crown of victory)

Fanette (Laurel crown, The crown of victory)

Fanny (Appearance of God)

Fantina (Childlike)

Fauna (Young deer)

Fawne (Young deer)

Fay (Faithful)

Fayanna (Trust, Faith)

Faye (Faithful)

Félici (Great happiness)

Felicienne (Great happiness)

Félicité (Fortunate)

Felicity (Great happiness)

Fernande (Peace through bravery)

Fey (Fairy)

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Fleur (Flower)  

Fleurette (Little flower)

Flora (Flower)

Floressa (Flower)

Floretta (Flower)

Flori (Flower)

Floria (Flower)

Floriana (Flower)

Floriane (Flower, Blossom)

Florianne (Flower, Blossom)

Florrie (Flower)

France (Free)

Francena (Free)

Francene (Free)

Frances (Free)  

Francille (Free)

Francina (Free)

Francine (Free)

Françoise (Free)


Gabrielle (God's able-bodied one)  

Gaetana (From Gaete)

Gaetane (From Gaete)

Gay (Light hearted)

Gemma (Jewel)

Geneva (Of the race of women, White wave)

Genève (Of the race of women)

Genevia (Juniper berry)

Genevie (Of the race of women)

Geneviève (Of the race of women, White wave)  

Genèvre (Juniper)

Genivée (Of the race of women)

Georgette (Farmer)

Georgine (Farmer)

Germaine (From Germany)

Germana (From Germany)

Ghislaine (Sweet pledge)

Gisella (Pledge, Vow)

Giselle (Pledge, Vow)


Halette (Little Hal)

Hanrietta (Rules the home)

Hanriette (Rules the home)

Harriet (Rules the home)

Harriett (Rules her household)

Harrietta (Rules the home)

Harriette (Rules her household)

Helaine (Bright one, Most beautiful woman)

Hélène (Bright one, Most beautiful woman)  

Héloise (Renowned warrior)

Henrietta (Rules her household)

Henriette (Keeper of the hearth)  

Hettie (Rules her household)

Hilaire (Joy, Song of happiness)

Honoré (Honor, Good name, Integrity)  

Huette (Intelligent)

Hugette (Intelligent)

Huguetta (Intelligent)


Ila (From the island)

Iolande (Violet flower)

Iolanthe (Violet)

Isabeau (My God is bountiful, God of plenty)

Isabella (God is perfection)

Isabelle (God is perfection)  

Ismay (Esteemed, Loved)

Iva (From the yew tree)

Ivonne (Archer)


Jacinthe (Hyacinth flower)

Jacqualine (Supplanter)

Jacqueleen (Supplanter)

Jacqueline (Supplanter)  

Jacquelyn (Supplanter)

Jacquelyne (Supplanter)

Jacquelynne (Supplanter)

Jaquelin (Supplanter)

Jasmeen (Flower name)

Jasmin (Flower name)

Jasmyne (Flower name)

Jazmine (Flower name)

Jazzmine (Flower name)

Jazzmyn (Flower name)

Jeane (God is merciful)

Jeanee (God is merciful)

Jeanetta (Little Jean)

Jeanette (Little Jean)  

Jeanice (God is merciful)

Jeanie (God is merciful)

Jeanina (Gracious, Merciful, God is gracious)

Jeanine (Gracious, Merciful, God is gracious)  

Jeanna (God is merciful)

Jeanne (God is gracious)  

Jeanne-Marie (God is gracious, Bitter)

Jeannette (Gracious, Merciful, God is gracious)

Jeannie (God is merciful)

Jeannine (Gracious, Merciful, God is gracious)

Jenai (Name of a plant)

Jenay (Name of a plant)

Jenina (Gracious, Merciful, God is gracious)

Jenine (Gracious, Merciful, God is gracious)

Jennine (Gracious, Merciful, God is gracious)

Jessamina (Jasmine)

Jessamine (Jasmine)

Jessamyn (Flower name)

Joanna (God's gift)  

Joanne (God is gracious)  

Jocelina (Happy, Full of joy, Supplanter)

Joceline (Happy, Full of joy, Supplanter)

Jocelyn (Happy, Full of joy, Supplanter)

Jocelyne (Happy, Full of joy, Supplanter)

Jocelynn (Happy, Full of joy, Supplanter)

Joell (Jehovah is God)

Joella (Jehovah is God)

Joelle (Jehovah is God)

Joi (Rejoicing)

Joia (Rejoicing)

Joie (Rejoicing)  

Jolee (Cheerful, Pretty)

Joleigh (Cheerful, Pretty)

Joli (Cheerful, Pretty)

Jolie (Beautiful)

Jordane (Down flowing)

Joscelyn (Happy, Full of joy, Supplanter)

Josepha (God wiIl multiply)

Josephe (God wiIl multiply)

Josephina (God wiIl multiply)

Josephine (God wiIl multiply)  

Josette (God wiIl multiply)

Josilyn (Happy, Full of joy, Supplanter)

Joslin (Happy, Full of joy, Supplanter)

Joy (Joy)

Joya (Rejoicing)

Joyann (Rejoicing)

Joyanna (Rejoicing)

Joyanne (Rejoicing)

Jozlyn (Happy, Full of joy, Supplanter)

Jule (Jewel)

Juleen (Youthful)

Julia (Youthful)  

Julie (Youthful)  

Julienne (Youthful)

Juliet (Youthful)

Julietta (Youthful)

Juliette (Youthful)  

Julita (Youthful)

Justeen (Just, True, Upright)

Justyne (Just, True, Upright)


Kamille (Free-born, Noble)

Karcsi (Joy, Song of happiness)

Kari (Joy, Song of happiness)

Karla (Strong)

Karlotta (Petite, Feminine)

Karolina (Petite, Feminine)

Karoline (Petite, Feminine)

Karoly (Joy, Song of happiness)

Katriane (Pure, Innocent)

Kortney (From the court)