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Aleron (Knight armor)

Algernon (Mustachioed)

Algie (Mustachioed)

Ancel (Knight's attendant, Land)

Anders (Manly, Valiant, Courageous)

Andie (Manly, Valiant, Courageous)

Andre (Manly, Valiant, Courageous)  

Andrea (Manly, Valiant, Courageous)

Andreas (Manly, Valiant, Courageous)

Andrei (Manly, Valiant, Courageous)

Andres (Manly, Valiant, Courageous)

Andrew (Manly, Valiant, Courageous)

Andrews (Manly, Valiant, Courageous)

Andrey (Manly, Valiant, Courageous)

Andros (Manly, Valiant, Courageous)

Andrys (Manly, Valiant, Courageous)

Andy (Manly, Valiant, Courageous)

Arman (Of the army)

Armand (Of the army)

Armande (Of the army)

Armando (Of the army)

Armond (Of the army)

Audric (Old and wise rule)


Bailee (Bailiff, Fortification, Able)

Bailey (Bailiff, Fortification, Able)

Baily (Bailiff, Fortification, Able)

Baird (Bay horse)

Ballard (A dancing song)

Bari (Spear thrower, Marksman)

Barie (Spear thrower, Marksman)

Baron (A title of nobility used as a given name)

Barrie (Spear thrower, Marksman)

Barris (Spear thrower, Marksman)

Barry (Spear thrower, Marksman)

Barrymore (Spear thrower, Marksman)

Bartlett (Farmer)

Bay (Auburn-haired)

Bayard (Bay horse)

Beau (Handsome, Beautiful)

Beaufort (From the beautiful fortress)

Beaumont (From the beautiful mountain)

Beauregard (Handsome, Beautiful)

Beauvais (From Beauvais)

Bell (Handsome)

Bellamy (Handsome friend)

Berenger (Courage of a bear)

Bernard (Brave as a bear)  

Bertrand (Intelligent, Glorious raven)

Blais (Lisp, Stutter)

Blaise (Lisp, Stutter)

Blaize (Lisp, Stutter)

Bo (Handsome, Beautiful)

Bogart (Strong as a bow)

Bono (Good)

Boone (Sweet, Good)

Bordan (Cottage)

Borden (Cottage)

Bret (A native of England: (Britain) or France: (Brittany))

Brett (A native of England: (Britain) or France: (Brittany))

Briand (Castle)

Brice (From Brieuxtown)

Brigham (Soldier)

Bruce (From Brys)

Brunelle (Dark haired)

Buiron (From the cottage)


Carl (Strong, Manly)  

Carlo (Strong)

Carlos (Strong)

Carvell (Marshy estate)

Caspar (Treasurer)

Chance (Secretary)

Chapin (Clergyman)

Chappel (From the chapel)

Chappell (From the chapel)

Charles (Strong, Manly)  

Charlot (Son of Charlemagne)

Christien (Annointed, Follower of Christ)

Christophe (With Christ inside)  

Clovis (Name of a king)

Colbert (Dark haired)

Colin (People's victory)  

Collin (People's victory)

Corbet (Raven, Black hair)

Corbett (Raven, Black hair)

Corbin (Raven, Black hair)

Corvin (Raven-haired)

Courtland (Court attendant)

Cretien (Annointed, Follower of Christ)


D'anton (Priceless, Flourishing, Flower)

D'Arcy (From Arcy)

D'Artagnan (Leader)

Damien (One who tames)  

Danton (Priceless, Flourishing, Flower)

Darcel (From Arcy, Dark)

Darcell (From Arcy, Dark)

Darcy (From Arcy)

Dartagnan (Leader)

Darvell (Town of eagles)

Dax (Place name, French town Dax)

Delaine (From the elder tree grove)

Delane (From the elder tree grove)

Delmon (Of the mountain)

Delmont (Of the mountain)

Denis (Of dionysus)  

Dennis (Named for Saint Denys)

Denver (From Anvers)

Denys (Named for Saint Denys)

Derell (Dearly loved, Open)

Desi (So long hoped for, Crave, Desire)

Desire (Desired)

Destin (Destiny)

Devery (Place name)

Devry (Place name)

Diandre (Of dionysus)

Didier (Desired)

Dilan (Like a lion)

Dillen (Like a lion)

Dillon (Like a lion)

Dion (Of dionysus)

Diondre (Of dionysus)

Dionte (Of dionysus)

Dix (Ten)

Dominique (Of the Lord)  

Donatien (Gift)

Donato (Gift)

Dorian (Of the sea)

Dumont (Of the mountain)

Duran (Firm, Enduring)

Durand (Firm, Enduring)

Durango (Strong)

Durant (Firm, Enduring)

Dureau (Strong)

Duron (Strong)

Durrant (Firm, Enduring)

Duval (Of the valley)


Ed (Prosperous warrior)

Edgar (Prosperous warrior)

Edgard (Fortunate, Powerful)

Edgardo (Prosperous warrior)

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Edgarton (Prosperous warrior)

Edmon (Prosperous guardian)

Edmond (Prosperous guardian)  

Edmund (Prosperous guardian)

Edmundo (Prosperous guardian)

Eduard (Prosperous guardian)

Eliot (Believes in God)

Eliott (Believes in God)

Elliot (Believes in God)

Eloy (Chosen)

Emile (Industrious)

Eriq (Ever-powerful)

Etienne (Crown, Wreath)

Eugene (Born lucky, Wellborn)  

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Fabien (Bean grower)

Fernand (Adventurer)

Fontane (Fountain)

Françis (Free)  

Franco (Free)

François (Free, A free man)

Frank (Free)

Frankie (Free)

Franklin (Free man)

Franklyn (Free man)

Franky (Free)

Frédéric (Peaceful ruler)  

Freman (Free man)

Fremont (Free man)


Gaetan (Fom Gaete)

Garan (Guards, Guardian)

Gareth (Gentle, Enclosure, Watchful)

Garon (Guards, Guardian)

Garren (Guards, Guardian)

Garret (Gentle, Enclosure, Watchful)

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Garreth (Gentle, Enclosure, Watchful)

Garrett (Gentle, Enclosure, Watchful)

Garry (Gentle, Enclosure, Watchful)

Gary (Gentle, Enclosure, Watchful)

Gascon (From Gascony)

Gaspar (Treasurer)

Gaspard (Treasurer)

Gaston (From Gascony)

Gauthier (Powerful ruler)

Gautier (Powerful ruler)

Gaye (Merry)

Geffrey (Peaceful)

Geoffrey (Divine peace)  

Gerard (Spear strong)  

Germain (From Germany, Bud)

Gerrard (Spear strong)

Gil (Youthful)

Gilbert (Bright lad)  

Gill (Youthful)

Gui (Guide, Wood, Wide)

Guifford (Chubby cheeks)

Guillaume (Resolute protector)

Gustav (Royal staff)

Gustave (Royal staff)

Guy (Guide)


Hamilton (From the mountain town)

Henri (Rules her household)

Henry (Rules the home)  

Herbert (Famous warrior)

Herman (Of the army)

Hermann (Of the army)

Hugh (Intelligent)


Ignace (Fiery)

Iven (Little archer)


Jacqueleen (Supplanter)

Jacquelin (Supplanter)

Jacques (Supplanter)  

Janvier (January, enlightened)

Jarman (From Germany, Bud)

Jasmin (Flower name)

Jasper (Jasperstone)

Javier (Born in January)

Jay (Bluejay)

Jaye (Bluejay)

Jean (God is gracious)  

Jean-Baptiste (God is merciful)

Jean-Paul (God has been gracious, humble, small)  

Jeanina (Gracious, Merciful, God is gracious)

Jeanne (God is merciful)

Jeannette (Gracious, Merciful, God is gracious)

Jeffrey (Divine peace)

Jeoffroi (Divine peace)

Jerard (Rules by the spear)

Jermain (From Germany, Bud)

Jermaine (From Germany, Bud)

Jermana (From Germany, Bud)

Jermayne (From Germany, Bud)

Jermyn (From Germany, Bud)

Jesper (Jasperstone)

Jocelina (Happy, Full of joy, Supplanter)

Jocelyn (Happy, Full of joy, Supplanter)

John-paul (God is merciful)

Johnn (God is merciful)

Johnnie (God is merciful)  

Johnson (God is merciful)

Jolie (Cheerful, Pretty)

Jon (God is merciful)

Jonn (God is merciful)

Jonnie (God is merciful)

Jourdan (To descend, To flow)

Joy (Rejoicing)

Joyanna (Rejoicing)

Jules (Youthful)

Julian (Youthful)

Julien (Jove's child)  

Julius (Jove's child)

Jullien (Youthful)

Justin (Just, True, Upright)  


Kaarle (Strong, Manly)

Kaarlo (Strong, Manly)

Kalle (Strong, Manly)

Kalman (Strong, Manly)

Karcsi (Strong, Manly)

Karel (Strong, Manly)

Kari (Strong, Manly)

Karl (Strong, Manly)

Karlens (Strong, Manly)

Karlis (Strong, Manly)

Karlitis (Strong, Manly)

Karoly (Strong, Manly)

Kerman (German)

Kurt (From the court)