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MURPHY Family History

Ó Murchadha or (modern) Ó Murchú - anglicised as Murphy and earlier as (O) Murchoe, Morchoe etc means ?sea warrior? in Irish. As Murphy it is the most numerous surname in Ireland, although there are more Murphys now in America than there are in Ireland.

Mac Murchaidh - also anglicised as Murphy. Woulfe in 'Sloinnte Gaedheal is Gall: Irish Names and Surnames' adds that this name is the Ulster variant of:

Mac Murchadha- a Leinster name and the 'tribe' of the infamous king of Leinster Dermot MacMurrough, who invited Strongbow and his Welsh-Norman mercenaries into Ireland, thus involving England in Irish history. The infamous Dermot's grandfather, Murchadha or Murrough, is the eponymous ancestor of the Wexford MacMurchadha, not of the Ó Murchadha sept who were also in Wexford. According to Woulfe (op. cit.) Dermot's descendants gave rise to the distinct surname Cavanagh or Kavanagh, through his son Domhnal Caobhánach.

There are several septs of Ó Murchadha recorded in counties Tyrone, Sligo and Wexford; the latter were a branch of the Uí Ceinseallaigh. It is probably this family who became very numerous. It is also likely that the Co Cork Murphys are a branch of this Wexford sept.

In William Petty's 1659 Census, the following are recorded:

Co Wexford
Wexford town and liberties: Murphy (14 families); New Rosse: Murphy (10); Barony of Forth: O Morroe (27) Morrogh (19) Murphy (16); Bargie: O Morrow (6) Morrogh (5) Murphy (20); Shelmaleer: McMorrogh (6) Murphy (42); Bantry: Murchoe (18) Murphy (31); Ballaghkeene: Murchoe (24) Murphy (60); Goary: Murphy (25)

Co Cork
Cork city and liberties: Murphy (45) O Murraghow (8); Moyalle; O Morroghow (5); Barony of Kinalmeaky: O Morohow (11) Murphy (25); Killbrittaine: Murphy (19); Carberry West: Murphy (32); Beere and Bantry: Murphy (17); Barrymore: Murphy (44); Kilmore and Orrery: Murphy (18)

Co Kilkenny
Kilkenny city and liberties: Morphey (12); Barony of Gowran: Morphy (118); Iverke: Morphey (6); Ida, Igrin and Ibercon (72); Knocktopher: Morphey (11); Fassagh Deinin: Murphy (16); Kells: Morphey (9); Skillellogher: Morphy (18); Crannagh: Morphy (12)

Co Armagh
Oryer Barony: O Murphy (44); Lower Fewes: Murphy (7)

These are the main concentrations of Murphys in the 1659 Census. In Co Sligo a few McMurey(11) and McMorey(14) occur, otherwise there are no other names resembling. It is worth noting how the anglicisation 'Murphy' appears in the 1659 Census to be in the process of replacing the earlier forms of O Morroghow etc.

In Griffith's 'Primary Valuation' of Irish households between 1847 and 1860 most Murphy households were found in the counties Cork (2639 + 448 city) and Wexford (1688) followed by Kilkenny (888) Kerry (787) Armagh (468) and Tipperary (463). The total was 13539.

The 1890 Birth Registrations in Ireland, published in R.E. Matheson's 'Special Report...' (1894), show most Murphys in counties Cork (390), Wexford (137) and Dublin (132). The total number of births was 1385. It was the most numerous name in Cos Wexford, Carlow and Armagh, and the second most numerous in Co Cork. Murphy was classified as the most numerous name in all Ireland.

Two famous Murphys:
Father John Murphy D.D., acted as one of the leaders of the Wexford Rising in 1798: he was brutally put to death on the 26th June 1798.
William Martin Murphy founded the 'Irish Independent' newspaper in 1905. He was the aggressive leader of the anti- workers' employers association in the Dublin 'Lock-Out' of 1913.

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    Nancy Calendine

    looking for any information on father of Bridget murphy (born 1850) fathers name was Michael and mothers name was Julia i was able to find that Bridget was married to Peter Ryan in 1876 in Dublin in St Andrews roman catholic church they lived at 9 Leeson place records show that Michael and Julia were both deceased by 1876 Any information i have found was in the Dublin area I have alot of information on Bridget and Peter but nothing on her parents I would like to find Julias maiden name Bridget and Peter came to Quebec in 1883 with 3 boys Christopher Peter and James they lived in newberry middlesex canada and had 2 more boys joseph and john

    sue michele tynes

    looking for information on jonathan murphy he was married to jane (waddell) murphy his son john c murphy was born in halifax co virginiain 1798 would liketo know where in ireland my family comes from

    John Murphy

    My grandfather's name was Humphrey Murphy. He was married to Margaret O'Hare. My great grandfather's name was also Humphrey Murphy. He was married to Margaret Hengleton. All of the above were born in Ireland. My grandparents died in Cambridge Mass.

    KATHY Wye

    I’m looking for a Mary Bridget Murphy born around 1917 her dad was Patrick Murphy

    Leah Leverett

    My Grandfathers name was James Archie Murphy I know nothing about him i was never able to meet him i just really want to learn more about the Murphy's


    I am planning a trip to Ireland with my in- laws next year and am hoping to find out a bit more about my heritage before we go! What I know is that my father's grandparents came over into Ellis Island sometime between appx 1898-1903 and settled in NY. My grandma married James Murphy, who I believe came from Ruth DeWald and Benjamin Murphy. I am also told that we have a Duke ancestor who was an infamous forger who was chased out of Ireland and into Scotland.


    My Murphy family settled in bluefield w.v. and I'm trying to find where. My family member name thorton Murphy father was an were did he come from..most of my Murphy family lives in edgecombe county N.C.


    My family member is named James Murphy. He was born in County Tyrone, Dungannon, to be exact. He served in the British cavalry during World War 1. He was a dragoon, a hussar, a cavalry sniper, and a lancer. He was wounded after a German stormtrooper slashed across his face with a knife and left him with scars.

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